I graduated from Swansea University in 2012 with first-class honours in computer science. I'm currently working as a systems analyst with a focus on automation and efficiency. I enjoy modelling data to make meaningful, data-driven conclusions to support essential business decisions.

My love of technology started at a young age. I became interested in programming during the Xbox and PSP modding scenes. After gaining minor recognition from the community while hex editing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories using a modified version of C, I became hooked on problem-solving using computer code.

My CV can be viewed HERE.


A subset of the skills which I feel most confident with:

  • Python (Inc. Type Hints, PEP 8)
  • Data Analysis
  • Pandas/Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Power BI
  • Django/Flask/Fast API
  • Webscraping/Scrapy
  • SQL
  • Unity 2D/3D
  • Git
  • Online Marketplace APIs
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Vector Graphics
  • Dungeons and Dragons



After using Java for over five years, I worked with Python for the first time while volunteering at a Techcademy event for Software Cornwall in 2016. I instantly fell in love with its simplicity and elegance, and it has been my go-to language ever since.

Django Real Estate Website

Web app created using the Django framework. Customised admin panel for adding and managing properties, staff, users, and enquiries. Users can view and search listed properties, create an account, and make enquiries.

Automated Mass Image Creation

A desktop application written in Python, utilising OpenCV to automatically add designs to multiple garment types and colours. Uses default positions and sizes loaded from a JSON file and design png locations loaded from a CSV file.
GUI for ease of use written in TKinter.

Allows for a preview and manual override of position if working with uncentred designs. The workload used to be outsourced - now saving time and money. It has been used to create over 180,000 images.


Below are some of the games I have created in Unity 2D/3D using C#. Follow the links to find the games hosted on, with further details on their creation. They're playable within a desktop web browser.

AR Block Builder

An AR app created with AR Foundation and ARCore XR Plugin in Unity.

Place blocks with different materials and scales onto a detected plane within the real-world, or snap them together to build structures and art.

Misc Projects

The following are projects I've created using other languages/platforms for both work and fun.

Pokédex View Pokédex
Character Sheet View Character Sheet
Pokémon Sheet View Pokémon Sheet
Move Set View Move Set
Bag Pockets View Bag Pockets
Map View Map View
Map Detail View Map Detail View

Homebrew Pokémon Dungeons and Dragons

After several years of playing Dungeons and Dragons with my best friends, we created a custom homebrew version inspired by another love of ours, Pokémon.

Check out the companion app I created in AppSheet to keep track of our characters, their Pokémon and move sets, quests, inventories and progress through our fictionalised version of The United Kingdom, Anglos.

8-bit Heart Logo

Tinder - Exploratory Data Analysis

A friend allowed me to have access to their Tinder Data to analyse. The notebook is hosted via Google's Colab program and uses Python with Pandas for data management, Matplotlib for charts, and I even sent their message data to IBM's Watson AI to obtain personality insights using PersonalityInsightsV3.

This project is currently incomplete but offers most of the navigation and explanation.

In the future, I hope to make a Django website where people can upload their own data file and gain insights.

Devon and Cornwall Police Badge

Devon and Cornwall Police - Exploratory Data Analysis

Data analysis of publicly available police data for the Devon and Cornwall area. The notebook is hosted via Google's Colab program and uses Python with Pandas for data management, Matplotlib for charts, and Folium for map creation.

This project is currently unstructured and offers little other than code alone. To be updated soon.

Automated Design Creation

Written using Visual Basic for Applications, integrating Excel and CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

Using a CSV of a day's orders, this script creates a CorelDraw sheet for each garment type and print colour. It then imports the designs and resizes them to fit on the ordered garment type and size.

This script saves up to five working hours each day and allows an employee time to focus on further design creation.

Contact Me

If you would like to get in contact with me for further details or to discuss projects, please use the following form.